China increasing pressure on Rebiya Kadeer’s sons: UAA

WASHINGTON, May 30: The Uyghur American Association (UAA) has alleged that Chinese officials are increasing pressure on the imprisoned sons of Rebiya Kadeer and forced them to sign ownership documents.
In a statement yesterday, UAA alleged that Chinese authorities have forced imprisoned son of Kadeer, Alim Abdureyim to sign documents releasing ownership of two buildings, one formerly owned by Kadeer and the other by her daughter Akida Rouzi, to the state.
Judicial officials reportedly told Alim, who was escorted to a court in Urumchi before being taken back to prison, that the buildings would be demolished in about two weeks’ time.
The move comes following the recent transfer of another imprisoned son of Kadeer, Ablikim Abdureyim, to a high-security prison, it said.
“In defiance of Chinese law and human decency, Chinese authorities stop at nothing to abuse my sons in prison,” said Kadeer.
“My sons’ only crime is their relationship to me- and because the Chinese government is no longer able to silence me, they are going after my family.
“We have seen that in other cases, such as with Chen Guangcheng, Chinese officials take a sick satisfaction in persecuting the family of those who have spoken out for truth and justice. The time has come for Chinese leaders to end the unlawful, brutal mistreatment of our loved ones,” she said.
According to a family member, Chinese officials are limiting both Alim and Ablikim to visit family once every two months.
Chinese authorities have also confined the grandchildren and other family members of Kadeer to their homes and prevented them from being able to secure employment.
Security forces visit and interrogate Kadeer’s family members several times each week, UAA alleged in a statement. (PTI)


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