Children of lessor God

Rumpy Madaan
The word Human is a prefix to the word Humanity. Humanity is known by the compassion we show for the lesser and unfortunate beings. God is the creator of universe and Universe consists of Man, Animal and environment. If all that we behold is the Gods will and the God’s wish than are animal’s children of lesser GOD!!
Either they are born on the streets or born of genetic manipulation of Humans, their abuse is inevitable. Their birth or death is no ones concern.
Now there is another Creator amongst us the BREEDERS, THE PUPPY MILLS!! where the production is induced and forced upon the helpless animals at their mercy in their factory farms, Roof tops, basements and cages. Litter after litter after litter, till they either die of diseases or abandoned as they are too weak to breed anymore. Their babies snatched away to be sold even before their milk has dried up. These babies end up in small cages in the pet shops where we go shopping for PERFECT PUPPY, a beautiful BIRD, and a BABY TURTLE!! How they cry for theirs mother’s milk or a comforting snuggle of a mother’s touch, displayed like commodities in a shops Window, can be anybodies guess!
40 percent of these babies die in transportation and another 20 percent die in the very first month of being bought by their owner as they were sold too soon by the greedy Breeder, even before they were weaned properly. Although it’s illegal to sell pups less than eight weeks but what stops them or rather who stops them from doing so.
Unimaginable abuse is being faced by these poor babies. The pups and birds and rabbits are kept thirsty and made to starve for hours so that they are hungry and thirsty enough to be fed vitamins and steroids and other plumping medicines in little water and food.
Displayed outside shops to lure people to buy, in cages without food and water, in extreme heat and cold .They are fed sedatives to stop them from crying out and stay quite.
The adorable little puppy in the store probably came from a ‘puppy mill’, a breeding kennel that raises dogs in cramped filthy conditions.
Some dealers even import puppies from other countries. Constant confinement and lack of socialization often results in unhealthy animals that are difficult to socialize.
Consequently, many puppies are abandoned within weeks or months of their adoption by frustrated buyers, further exacerbating the tragic companion-animal overpopulation crisis.
Puppies and small birds are packed in crates and sold from mill to broker to pet store. Sometime travel hundreds of miles in trucks trailers or Airplanes without food and water.
Fish in tanks, fragile tropical fish, which were born to dwell in the majestic seas and forage among brilliantly colored coral reefs, suffer miserably when they are forced to spend their lives in glass tanks. The same is true of river fish. Robbed of their natural habitats and denied the ability to travel freely, they must swim around endlessly in the same few cubic inches of water.
The plight of the purebreds and Designer Dogs is immense. People buy impulsively even though they may not be educated about the breed or ready for the commitment. Every time Hollywood makes a dog movie, the breed goes to hell!!
The unscrupulous breeders will see profit margin there, but when St Bernard’s don’t act like “Beethovan,” Rescue groups and animal shelters get flooded with these breeds.
When millions of unwanted dogs and cats dying every year in animal shelters there is simply no reason for animals to be bred and sold for the pet store trade.
“The pet industry in India has an estimated revenue earning potential of Rs. 350 crore . Out of this around 250 crore is contributed by pet foods and the remaining 100 crore comes from grooming and healthcare sector. The industry is growing rapidly in India” says O.P Singh, CEO of a pet food supplier company called Venky’s India, so is the concern of all the animal lovers.
Unregulated pet shops and puppy mills are a concern for all the animal lovers as the massive animal abuse being faced by all animals at their hands goes unheard and unknown.
Our country endorses the virtues of ‘ahinsa’ and non-violence and these doctrines have always enabled people to peacefully co-exist with animals .Moreover, the duty to show compassion to all living creatures is a fundamental duty cast by Article 51A (g) of the constitution upon all citizens of this country; and the law of the land protects the rights of non humans.
All points of view deserve consideration and everybody is equal in the eyes of the law. The Solution therefore lies in recognizing that, and treating different points of view and differing lifestyles with respect.
“All beings are fond of themselves, they like pleasure, they hate pain, they shun destruction, they want life and they want to live long, to all life is dear ; hence their life should be protected ” ‘Mahavira’.
(The author is Chairperson, SAVE)


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