Chefs get patriotic with food for Independence Day

NEW DELHI, Aug 12:
Restaurants and hotels are offering gastronomical delights using global cuisines with a desi twist this Independence Week.
Mexican baked potato curry and mushroom and pasta in a spiced Makhani gravy, “Tri-colour Tri-Grain Pilaf” flag  among others are some signature dishes being offered by city chefs.
“We are hosting a ‘Global Cuisine Indian Style’ Food Fest to celebrate the global Indian on the occasion of Independence Day by bringing together a fusion of global cuisine with Indian flavours and taste,” says Vijay Anand Bakshi, Head – Culinary Operations, Barbeque Nation.
The 60 new dishes are replete with innovative fusions on the menu. Signature dishes include the likes of Roasted Lamb in Thai Curry, Grilled Chicken Breast in Potli Gravy, Mexican Baked Potato Curry and Mushroom ‘n Pasta in Spicy Makhni Gravy and many more.
“Customers today seek the thrill of deriving maximum pleasure for their taste-buds. This special food festival menu does just that – offers the best of both worlds to customers by offering never-heard-before delectable dishes. We hope to leave our customers satiated yet longing for more,” says Bakshi.
A concoction of mouth-watering desserts like Red and White Kheer, Rasgulla Litchi Cake, Masala Spice Brownie, Kappi Pie and much more at their nine outlets in Delhi-NCR region.
“Meal starters meal include various cocktails and mocktails designed taking desi ingredients like Jamun. The main course comprises grilled prawns in herbs, roasted Tandoor chicken, lamb in thai curry as well as baked manchurian kofta in makhani Gravy. No meal is complete without desserts, so do not miss out on the Red and White Kheer and complete the meal with our mouth-freshener ‘the pan shot with vodka’,” says Bakshi.
Following the eat healthy mantra and the Tattva Gourmet Organic Kitchen at Hauz Khas Village is offering just that.
“Just like India transformed from a captive country to an independent one on August 15, I want to see my fellow countrymen free themselves from the clutches of unhealthy food and lifestyle options and switch to healthy food and living. There is no better day to do that than the Independence Day! I believe food is interplay of function and form, which are both essential components of functional gastronomy,” says Anuradha Madhusudhanan, Executive Chef, Tattva Gourmet Organic Kitchen.
He has developed a theme titled “Functional Gastronomy– the bridge between Tradition and Modernity”. One of the dishes on their menu is named “Tri-colour Tri-Grain Pilaf” which is a must try according to the chef. “This recipe celebrates traditional grains, and explores international palates. It is nutritionally balanced, and performs the function food should – nourish and heal you from within. The international flavors celebrate gastronomy at its best,” says Madhusudhanan.
The five-star hotels in the city are also offering delightful dishes but also at a special price. Taj Vivanta travels back to its roots and is offering vegetarian dishes like Tri Penne Salad and Tri Pepper Soup.
“Apart from creating a gastronomic impact, these dishes contain a lot of vegetables, all organic in nature symbolising the new fad of ‘vegetarianism’, yet keeping our roots intact. Hence keeping it light and healthy yet close to roots for the urban gourmands of today is what we have created for Independence Day,” says Chef Neeraj Chaudhry – Executive Chef, Vivanta by Taj – Gurgaon. (PTI)


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