Check copying menace

I want to draw your kind attention towards the menace of copying in Board exams, as dates have been announced for the same. Being one of the persons, having worked as invigilator in the Board exams, I have witnessed people consisting of teachers, lecturers,  peons resorting to copying in these exams on a large scale. I mean, examinees are helped by these people to resort to  mass copying. This I feel is a very embarrassing, humiliating and shameful act on the part of these so called teachers and lecturers. This cannot be possible without a hidden nexus between the concerned authorities, parents of the examinees and the invigilators engaged. The examinees being aided mostly belong to the influential families, socially as well as politically. The monetary bargaining cannot be ruled out, in addition. Consequently those examinees hailing from middle class as well as poor families lacking any of the channels, and having burnt the mid night oil have to bear the brunt.  They are surpassed by the examinees resorting to unfair means. They feel helpless in the examination hall and cannot do anything to check this menace of copying and are left to be a mute spectators. Discouragement becomes their fate and they cut a sorry figure by feeling psychologically depressed and disappointed.
The need of the hour is that the concerned authorities rise to the occasion and check this menace by making the  examinations fool proof, otherwise things can go from bad to worse.
Yours etc….
Ashiq Hussain Rather,
Ahdoos Tailor , Doda City.


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