Check copying menace

In the Jammu and Kashmir State  corruption, copying in examinations rule the roost. The quality of the high and the higher secondary schools functioning in public sector of the state is too low to attract the students from other schools with the result they fail in the enrollment drive every year. The examination centers for +2 and matriculation standard are auctioned by the BOSE where the highest bidders are appointed as superintendents and other staff of the examinations. The student use text books ,subject guides and even exchange their answer books with the intelligent students . In many cases the privileged students are seated in special rooms where their papers are solved by the subject teachers.  The leaking of the question papers by BOPE, JK PSC, +1 and +2 have become the major scams of the state. The copying and the paper leaking, though appear ordinary for an ordinary man but they leave the far reaching impact on the youth of the nation. It is the duty of the intelligence and law enforcing agencies, to curb the menace of copying by tightening noose around the culprits and save the youth from its claws.
Yours etc….
Shiv Kumar Padha


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