Charges and counter charges in DDC meeting

There should be a mutual understanding and cooperation between the members on the District Development Councils and the administration for overall development of the districts rather than conflicts , charges and counter charges between them. What recently has been seen in such a meeting between the DDC Kishtwar and the administration could have been avoided had an atmosphere of mutual understanding and bringing home to each other all about the issues and responses thereto been thoroughly built and worked out. That, members including from the BJP and the Chairperson walking out from the meeting under the pretext of no heed being paid to the works listed by them and prevailing of unhealthy practices, cannot be anything to be ignored but not appreciated as well.
The issue of protocol, we feel, is generally swaying all other issues – more important ones – in respect of the DDC affairs and in the instant case too, we feel some ”lacunae” in the usual protocol may have triggered the crisis. Whether protocol is ceremonial or casual should not prevail over important issues and at the same time, the district authorities should not look to undermine in any way the importance of the DDC s and must walk a step forward to building their confidence and trust in the district administration . Problems of the people must be resolved which should be the joint endeavour of the DDCs and the district administrations.