No chance of Congress’ revival, says Modi

HINGOLI (MAHA), Oct 10: There is no chance of Congress’ revival, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today as he sought a complete majority for BJP in the October 15 Maharashtra Assembly poll.
“There is no way that Congress can be revived. Now, nobody can save Congress. It is dying due to its sins,” he told a poll rally here in Marathwada region.
He said though the country’s poor gave power to Congress for 60 years, the party did not care for them.
“What did the poor people of India not give Congress party? They gave it power for 60 years but got nothing in return,” Modi, down with a sore throat, said in a brief speech, and asked the electorate to free the state of “dynastic” elements and “uncle-nephew” nexus, apparently targeting NCP chief Sharad Pawar and his nephew and former Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar.
“Congress sought votes in the name of poverty, but did nothing for the poor. Only a handful of families prospered. They ate the ‘malai’ (cream). They enjoyed,” he said.
Modi said on October 15 the people will sound the “death knell” for the 15-year-old “corrupt Congress-NCP regime”. (PTI)


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