Centre Warns Officers Overstaying Deputation, Foreign Posting Of Disciplinary Action

New Delhi, Mar 26: The Centre has warned officers overstaying on their deputation, including foreign posting, of disciplinary action.
The move comes after the government said it was still receiving proposals for regularisation of the period of overstay beyond the approved term of deputation.
In the latest order, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has asked all central government ministries and departments to review the status of all the deputation cases and avoid delayed closure of cases involving overstay beyond the approved term of deputation in favour of delinquent officials.
“The deputationist officer, including those who are presently on deputation, would be deemed to have been relieved on the date of expiry of the deputation period unless the competent authority has with requisite approvals, extended the period of deputation, in writing, prior to the date of its expiry,” it said.
It will be the responsibility of the immediate superior officer to ensure that the deputationist does not overstay, the order said.
“In the event of the officer overstaying for any reason whatsoever, he or she is liable to disciplinary action and other adverse civil service consequences which would include the period of unauthorised overstay not being counted as qualifying service for the purpose of pension and that any increment due during the period of unauthorised overstay being deferred with cumulative effect, till the date on which the officer rejoins his parent cadre,” the DoPT said, reiterating its earlier directives in this regard.
The government said it is primarily the responsibility of the borrowing organisations to ensure that deputationists are relieved on the date of expiry of their deputation tenure.
“Any proposal for extension of the tenure of deputation under rules should be initiated sufficiently before the expiry of the tenure. Besides, the responsibility rests with the deputationist and the lending organisations as well, to bring to the notice of the borrowing organisation about the expiry of the deputation tenure,” the DoPT said, seeking “strict compliance” with its order dated March 22.
It said the powers to extend the tenure of deputation, where absolutely necessary in the public interest, to the borrowing organisations up to a period not exceeding seven years at a stretch with the approval of the minister of their administrative ministry or department concerned.
“However, in spite of relaxation allowed in the provisions governing tenure of deputation or foreign service, proposals continue to be received in this department for regularisation of the period of overstay beyond the approved term of deputation,” the DoPT said. (AGENCIES)