Centre for Peace & Progress seeks restoration of J&K’s integrity

Excelsior Correspondent
NEW DELHI, Oct 3:In a discussion on the subject on “Implications of recent changes in respect of J&K” a forum organized here by the Centre for Peace & Progress (CPP) was of the forceful view that all regions of the State are part of the single whole in one intrinsic fashion; they acceded to India in 1947 as one unit; they must continue to be respected and the integrity of the J&K State must be restored without delay.
This was the first discussion on the developments in J&K in the present context in the national capital. It was presided over by CPP Chairman O P Shah. The meeting expressed profound solidarity with the people of J&K State. The participants were from Jammu, Kashmir Valley, as well as people including residents in Delhi. They expressed dismay at the decision announced by the Government of India on 5th August, 2019 in respect of J&K.
Former J&K Minister Babu Singh led the discussion. Some of the other key speakers were Air Vice Marshal (Retd) Kapil Kak, K S Dulat, leading Kashmir activist Hasheem Qureshi, M M Ansari/ formerly Interlocutor on J&K, Anand K Sahay (senior Journalist), Bhim Singh (founder, Chairman of J&K Panther’s Party), Maulana Mehmood Madani, Prof Muslim Jan of Kashmir University and Waqar Bhatti.
The participants were of considered view that the decisions taken have placed the unity and integrity of India at considerable risk by creating emotional turmoil and a state of acute mental and political agitation in the minds of the people of all the regions of the State – Jammu & Kashmir.
“Fifty five days since the siege began, especially in Kashmir Valley and also in Jammu, repressive measures are still in place. Violations of human rights are naturally routine in an atmosphere of communications and media lockdown. The people too have begun to protest by withholding their participation in normal everyday life,” they said.
The participants hoped that the GOI, as well as all sections of civil society will view the fundamental issue of Kashmir in a political light. A political issue, if handled only through the security framework will deepen problems and not lead to a peaceful solution,” they added and demanded immediate release of political representatives of every shade, including former Chief Ministers and Legislators.
The meet also demanded the lifting of curfew like conditions and the restoration of the right to free expression.


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