CeNS designed face mask can be used for longer duration: DST

NEW DELHI, May 23: An autonomous institute under Department of Science and Technology (DST), Nano and Soft Matter Sciences (CeNS) Bangalore has developed a cup-shaped comfortable face mask which can used for longer duration.
According to DST, the face mask developed by the CeNS creates enough space in front of the mouth while speaking and causes no speech distortion, no fogging on glasses, and indeed, packs well all around, leaving practically no room for leakage while breathing.
“Another important advantage is its high breathability allowing one to wear it without any discomfort. Further, the researchers have chosen the fabric layers such that there is a possibility of deactivating pathogens sheerly by the electric charges that may prevail under mild friction due to the triboelectric nature of the fabric. These advanced-level tests are being carried out”, the DST said.
The design has already applied for patent and CeNS has transferred this technology to Camellia Clothing Ltd, a Bangalore based garment company and expected to produce and sell around one lakh mask per day through different distribution channels throughout India.
“While an ergonomic design for COVID-19 protection mask is essential for its ease of use for long hours, it is often not paid much attention beyond a few standard designs. A good design should minimize the feeling of intrusion and leakage around the edges, but maximize the ease of breathing and talking while holding its place,” DST Secretary Prof Ashutosh Sharma said. (PTI)
The healthcare professionals can use the special and high technical quality medical masks but for the general public, a mask with moderate filtering efficiency is the need of the hour which is comfortable to wear so that the general public can use it for long hours.


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