CBI should have direct recruitment at inspector, DSP level: Par panel

NEW DELHI, Dec 8: The Central Bureau of Investigation should have a provision for direct recruitment for the posts of inspector or deputy superintendent of police, a parliamentary panel has recommended in its report tabled in Rajya Sabha on Thursday.

A total of 1,025 cases are pending with the CBI, with 66 of them yet to see a conclusion even after five years, the department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law and Justice has noted, adding that the pendency could be effectively reduced if the manpower requirements are taken care of.

In its latest report, the committee noted that there is no provision for direct recruitment of candidates above the rank of sub-inspector in the CBI.

The CBI has sanctioned strength of 480 posts of sub-inspectors filled through direct recruitment, promotions and departmental examinations in the ratio of 70:15:15.

The report recommended that there should be “a provision for direct recruitment of candidates in the rank of inspector of police/deputy superintendent of police (DSP)”.

The positions at the rank of inspector, DSP and ASP are filled either through promotion or deputation and limited departmental competitive examination in different ratios.

The data published in the report shows that investigation was pending in 1,025 CBI cases as on January 31, 2022, with 66 of them pending for more than five years.

The data also shows a decline in the cases registered by the CBI annually.

From about 1,000-1,150 cases registered by the CBI during 2012-17, the number has dipped to 600-900 cases between 2017 and 2021.

The central agency was also staring at the staggering 10,232 cases in which trial was pending in 2021.

The agency has shown a decline in the number of cases which resulted in the conviction of the accused, the data in the report showed.

From 743 cases in which cases resulted in a conviction in 2012, the numbers slipped to 544 in 2018, 467 in 2019, 169 in 2020 and 202 in 2021.

“As on March 31, 2022, 19 under investigation cases were stayed by Honourable Supreme Court and high courts,” the committee noted.

The committee expressed concerns that some cases have been pending for over 20 years.

“Therefore, the committee recommends that CBI should put a case management system in place to track the progress of the case and pursue it to its logical conclusion. This will not only expedite the disposal of cases but will also enhance transparency and promote accountability in the functioning of the agency,” it said. (PTI)