‘Can’t Breathe’ “More than a song, it’s an emotion”

Mehak Dua
Song credits
Singer, Lyricist and Composer: ArunimaWali
Music, Mix and Master: VAN Music (Vicky Uttreja and NayanJaiswal)
Vocals recorded: Noisy Gates Studio
Guitar: AchalNayyar
Video credits: Rahul Sharma (Rahul Sharma Productions)
Jon Bon Jovi, an American singer-songwriter, record producer, philanthropist and actor had once said and I quote, “Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate”. The adage holds quite true for ArunimaWali who is working as a consultant at KPMG Global Services but her passion about music made her pen down her debut English song “Can’t Breathe” which was released on January 30, 2021 and has started getting hits on her YouTube channel and other social sites. Arunima now is a singer, lyricist and of course composer.
‘Can’t Breathe’ in just few days got 24 thousand views on YouTube where Arumina enjoys a fan following of about 1.28K followers and about 17.6K on Instagram. When asked ArunimaWali said it is passion that springs a hidden desire or talent which ultimately fills oneself with meaning and happiness besides excitement. “I started singing at the age of seven and while pursuing my studies continued to sing as a hobby which ultimately empowered me to pen down lyrics of ‘Can’t Breathe’ that’s giving me a sense of accomplishment”, she said.
Passion, Arunima said is a force that enables one to achieve anything one sets mind on. Born to Ajay and Meenakshi, Arunimawas first enrolled in music class of her Delhi Public School (DPS) where she was trained in Hindustani Classical Music. She gives credit of brining fineness to her voice to her teachers (Guru) ManishaJaitley and ChandeshwarJha. Having had a formal diploma in Hindustani Vocal, she didn’t stop at all and continued to perform in inter school competitions and later at Delhi University’s annual fetes.
Giving details about her debut song which is in English language, she said Can’t Breathe, besides being a song is an emotion for me. “It speaks about heartache, pain and the past that is set to make one nostalgic in a state of dream like sequence. The song is inspired by my personal experiences as well as from the stories heard from people around. The song has covered almost every emotion that one can think of when it comes to breaking up or falling apart in love and relationships”, she informed.
Arunima has plans to continue writing as well as pursue her passion of singing and if given a chance she would also love to perform in Jammu as well as anywhere where she gets music loving audiences. She also intends to write in Hindi language in near future. Elated about her music being shared on social sites by who’s who of music industry like Amaal Malik, Vishal Mishra, AseesKaur and EhsanNoorani she believes that this is an acknowledgement of her hard work that has gone into producing first song or singing other Bollywood numbers.
She intends to balance her work-passion life but eyes on good opportunities that might come knocking at the door. Happy about validation that comes from fan following or sharing of her music by eminent music directors or singers, Arunima believes perfection is yet to come which she added is a continuous process.
There are days when I know
I can’t take it at all
All I see is that you are
Holding me in your arms
Telling me that it’s fine
You can take all your time
Then why did you feel that it’s not worth the time
Then why did you keep me hanging all the time
Now I can’t breathe
Now I can’t smile
I don’t know how I will survive this night
Now I can’t breathe
Now I can’t stop
My heart keeps weeping, weeping everyday and
every night
I tried to keep my hopes in you still alive
I keep fighting myself
All the time
You stopped caring about me or knowing about me
You stopped answering me or calling me
Till the time I could believe that
It was in the past
Now I can’t breathe
Now I can’t smile
I don’t know how I will survive this night
Now I can’t breathe
Now I can’t stop
My heart keeps weeping, weeping, everyday and
every night.