Call for ceasefire

Lt Gen PS Mehta
The first ceasefire agreement  between India and Pakistan was on 27 July 1949 after fighting for over a year from Oct 1947 to Jan 1948. It was through the mediation by the UN, that both countries reached a consensus to shun violence. The lines drawn at that time later became the LOC after the Shimla Agreement. Military representatives of both the countries met in Karachi from 18 July to 27 July 1949 under the auspices of the Truce Sub Committee of the UN for India and Pakistan (UNCIP). The members of the Indian contingent comprised Lt Gen SM Shrinagesh, Maj Gen KS Thamiya and Brig SHFJ Manekshaw. HM Patel and V Sahay served as observers.
As per the Cambridge English Dictionary, Ceasefire is an agreement for truce between two armies, to stop fighting in order to allow discussions about peace. Present call for ceasefire by the CM Mehbooba Mufti may be aimed for peace temporarily, but may be construed otherwise under the pretext of no disturbance to public for religious purposes for political or for a strategic reasons undercover. How can such a ceasefire be unilateral and how does it come under the purview of the State alone? Who represents the two players – The Pakistan Army and the Militants – who incidentally are confined to the present CMs constituency – the South Kashmir? How can Ramadan and (The linked excuse) Amarnath Yatra be clubbed to call for a ceasefire when these very militants brutally killed nine innocent Amarnath yatris last season.  Why did the CM not call for ceasefire then when there was a huge National response? Why now the sudden change of stance and for what reason?
Why  has the series of flash points in J&K from Kathua rape and murder to stoning of school kids to elimination of a professor militant to stoning to death a Tamil tourist (all in 2018) have suddenly weakened the foundations of J&K State Government or are there better reasons? The ground reality is that the Hizbul Mujahid local militants are on the run with most of their Robin Hood styled leaders eliminated and their cadre strength diminishing a situation which is actually forcing them for to look for desperate measures such as an Exit / Escape Route to save face. I strongly recommend they should be accommodated only if they surrender with weapons is accepted by them, thus initiating the First Step towards peace and normalcy in the valley. Pakistan, ISI, Hurriyat and the Fundamentalists  – all Frankenstein’s have created a critical situation for the Kashmiri Awaam – sections of who are confronting the security forces to save and assist trapped militants to escape the cordon.
The call for “Ceasefire” would not only allow the militants to recoup, reorganize and recruit fresh cadre, but would assist in strategizing new moves after the Holy month. Ceasefire is not the answer, but “Surrender with arms” would be the “Way forward”. This is the greatest opportunity in J&K after 1947 to be exploited by the Awaam to raise new political leaders and new political parties to garner the political processes for the impending elections in 2019. Awaam should understand that the last straw is afloat to catch and tide away from failed leaders who have plunged the heaven on earth into a hell.  – Allah sent a signal to Kashmir – “Floods” to indicate, ‘you are drowning yourselves’, but the negative forces prevailed and Kashmir drifts into a Whirlpool.
(The writer is  Defence Analyst/Strategist and an  Ex GOC of a Strike Corps.)


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