But, why “Talk to Pakistan”?

Shiban Khaibri
Initiative of any positive measure by the Government towards bringing in any type of positive political development in over three long decades terrorism torn Jammu and Kashmir, immediately following or even preceding that endeavour , Pakistan indulges in one mischief or the other related to terrorist activities against India , particularly in this part of the country. Just any whimper of some initiative to rehabilitate the hounded out indigenous inhabitants of Kashmir – the Kashmiri Pandits in their roots of thousands of years , the same reaction is shown by Pakistan and its few agents active in Kashmir via the subterfuge of complete exclusiveness and religious bigotry . The two pillars that of abhorring ”Live and Let Live” or peaceful co-existence and pursuing extreme religious bigotry on which Pakistan took birth has been the broad structure of promoting , sponsoring and spreading terrorism by it . Verily, therefore , Pakistan has earned the title of being epicentre of global terrorism. Alas, but voices are still raised from this side, “Talk to Pakistan.” Late last month , the Prime Minister took an initiative in the shape of calling the entire political leadership of Jammu and Kashmir to Delhi for exchanging views in a meeting and its outcome notwithstanding , however, reportedly there being no mention of Pakistan, separatists or terrorists cropping up in the discussions or in other words , those issues which hitherto having been the stomping grounds of all politically oriented meetings , were not even touched by both the sides, could happen for the first time . Therefore, giving no importance to these three entities – not that reportedly there was any restriction to be confined to the specific agenda – must have rattled Pakistan to the extent of daring a terror attack in desperation at Jammu airport’s IAF unit by using unmanned drone flying machines . Ask that country , it will swear that it had no connexion with the attack or even any inkling about it. The basic question , however, will remain as to why did it attack or rain terror in Jammu causing damage to a building and injuring two defence personnel. It is an attack on our sovereignty and pride as a nation. Should it not be suitably responded ? However, voices are raised , “Talk to Pakistan.”
Hitler’s Minister Joseph Goebbels too would be proved a novice before Pakistan in the art of telling lies and spreading canards and propaganda. It was he who had firmly believed in “If you tell a big lie and keep repeating it , people will eventually believe it.” He further believed that “truth is the mortal enemy of the lie and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Any talk of Jammu and Kashmir, its problems et-al , invasion of 1947 must first be brought in , linked with and problems seen in that perspective. In the same way , any talk of India , its multifarious problems – not necessarily economic , partition of 1947 must be brought in to delve in the problems in the perspective. These two historic upheavals, as they cannot be called just events, are centric to most of the problems of the country and of Jammu and Kashmir. Revisit memories of 1947-48 through records and writings , sending Pakistani regulars along with tribals – mobilised, trained , heavily armed and increasingly motivated led by one Col. Akbar Khan of Pakistan Army to attack with intent to capture Kashmir barely seventy days after Pakistan’s founding proves what for Pakistan was carved out. Has Pakistan up to this point ever openly accepted that it had launched attack on Jammu and Kashmir on October24 1947 but calls it a liberation movement of “fellow Kashmiris” through Jihad assisted by Qabaylis or Tribals. And most of Indian pseudo historians too call it Qabayli raid rather than naked aggression and invasion by Pakistan. But still voices are raised, “Talk to Pakistan.”
Grabbing Jammu and Kashmir as part of Pakistan through Jihad and diplomacy were declared elements of Pakistan’s foreign and defence policy right from day one which continue to remain active and operating till this moment. In other words, right from its birth out of its parent country India , Pakistan adopted hate , malice, lies, aggression, jihad and armed attacks as its state and avowed policy against India . Whosever ruled it either as Military Dictators, Marshal Law Administrators, sham elected Presidents and Army sponsored “elected” Prime Ministers, each one contributed one’s mite towards watering and strengthening this policy . Proxy terror war launched against this country (specifically in Jammu and Kashmir) the handiwork and the brainchild of former dictator General Zia-ul-Haq continuing for more than three decades preceded by in Punjab for years in a row and the death and destruction suffered by this country has made India as the worst victim of terrorism . Hounding out the entire Kashmiri Hindu community from Kashmir was first and foremost objective of its second jihad in Kashmir in 1990 after the first one in 1947.
The beleaguered community, victim of exodus and persecution continues to suffer for the last 32 years. No one seems perturbed and being on pins over denying them their right to homeland , their place of birth – Kashmir . Their legitimate and genuine demand to save and protect their centuries old temples and shrines in Kashmir valley by according statutory protection to them by a legislation or an ordinance whatsoever , is not met for reasons not known . The community is, therefore, feeling grossly ignored forgotten and consistently avoided . And voices are raised “Talk to Pakistan”.
What rationale , what purpose and what aim are associated with or are intrinsically related to voices raised that we, as victims of aggression of 1947, 1965, 1971 , 1999 and of proxy war of decades of terrorism, should talk to Pakistan . What should we talk about and why ? Is a victim of aggression , hostility and sabotage required to talk to its perpetrator, perhaps, to know what it further wanted so that it stopped its nefarious acts . Should we talk to Pakistan so that its “demand” (about its jugular vein ) attains legitimacy and leaves a scope of getting from the victim rather than giving any by the aggressor. Those who camouflage “talk” must give a list of what to talk , when to talk, where to talk as also the reasons why to talk and lastly, whom to talk to. Preceded by or accompanying such mysterious talks are associated demands and issues like – “open this road, that road, open trade and commerce opportunities , free and unhindered coming and going of the people of PoK into Jammu and Kashmir and vice versa and the like”. What precisely would under such scheme of things follow would be the guess of any patriotic Indian.
Those who demand talks with Pakistan never demand vacating the PoK kept under its illegal control by aggression as that entire area including Gilgit, Baltistan and other areas are historically , legally and legitimately territories of this country since the then Ruler Maharaja Hari Singh and earlier rulers had their rule and governmental control on all these areas of Jammu and Kashmir . Why this part of the issue is not stressed upon and why vague , hazy, murky and stupid demand is raised , “Talk to Pakistan”.