BSF using technology based solutions for sealing riverine gap


The Border Security Force (BSF) is using technology based solutions for sealing the existing riverine gap along the Indo-Bangla border in Meghalaya.
The BSF also said air surveillance with the help of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in sensitive areas along Indo-Bangladesh International border is being mooted.
“The MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) is being approached for procurement of four UAVs as additional authorisation for effective air surveillance in vulnerable infiltration areas of West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura,” the BSF said.
The BSF said construction of a 3,27.242km border fence has been completed in the state. A proposal to plug unfenced stretches by developing integrated surveillance system using night-vision devices and other technology is under way. The length of the state’s border with Bangladesh is 444.857 km.
“Proposal of plugging the unfenced stretches by developing integrated surveillance system using night vision devices (NVD), IP based IR cameras and flood lighting for effective domination of feasible and non-feasible gaps is under progress,” the BSF added.
Illumination of 42 sensitive gaps has also been done by installing additional border flood lights in Tura Sector and laying of temporary border fence. Sensitive gaps are manned round the clock by providing standing patrol/ permanent ACP.
Meanwhile, major river gaps in places like Simsang, Jadukata, Dhamalia, Piyang, Lubha are covered by Hand Held Thermal Imager mounted on rotor with Runtime Verification monitor and High Mast Flood Lights.
Moreover , the BSF since December 2016 till November this year have arrested 118 smugglers which includes 82 Indians and 36 Bangladeshis. The BSF also said it has seized cattle, contrabands, liquor, motorcycles and other items worth Rs 24.27 Crores during the same period.
The BSF also said that it has arrested one over ground worker of the HNLC and facilitated the surrenders of an ULFA and another ASAK militant. The BSF also said it apprehended four Bangladeshi illegal immigrants. (UNI)


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