Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul reunite for Emmys sketch

LOS ANGELES, Aug 21:  ‘Breaking Bad’ stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have starred in a sketch to promote the 2014 Emmys.
The actors, who reunite on screen for the first time since ‘Breaking Bad’s season finale, play pawn shop owners Buzz Jackson and Randy Jackson, according to Hollywood Reporter.
In a spoof of Pawn Stars, customer Julia Louis-Dreyfus comes to see the Jacksons with the Best Supporting Actress Emmy she won for ‘Seinfeld’.
Heading to their store Barely Legal Pawn, Julia explains that she must raise cash to buy her own island, having made a drunken purchase after hearing Celine Dion had one.
In an attempt to drive down the price, the Jacksons say that they have never heard of ‘Veep’ and that they’re unsure of the Emmy’s authenticity.
The Emmys will be broadcast on NBC on August 25, with Seth Meyers as the host. (PTI)


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