“Broken but Beautiful..”

Genha Kochhar
We are always searching for our better halves in people similar to us.
All the times our heart is craving for someone to hold us tighter and stay with us forever.
Crying our hearts out at this feeling of helplessness whenever someone tries to let go of the bonds and walk away wondering “Why are we so much dependent on others, that whenever a thought of someone departing from our lives hits us, it completely destroys our heart and kills our mind.? ”
“ I know we all have dreamt of having perfect relationships,
The relationships that last forever,
The love that never fades,
The friendships that never fail
And what not.
“Nothing in this life is permanent, we’ve had relationships we thought we’re gonna last forever, but see how the tables have turned we have no idea about their existence as well.”
Things in our lives change in the blink of an eye, One moment someone’s your best friend, and the next, “ who are you.”?
We dream of having Everything so perfect in our lives, that we forget there’s a beauty when life’s incomplete and we are the lost wanderers, moving forward without the address of the destination.
Do we ever realize
There’s a peace in the chaos,
Hidden Love in the hate,
Satisfaction in the solace
Hidden behind the obsession
Of being surrounded by people to hold us
When we’re falling?
For once, can’t you be the one who finds beauty in the broken pieces of your heart?
The desire of having the best and in fact the perfect of everything is so much, that we forget we all are broken in ourselves, but that’s what makes us beautiful.
“ Agar har cheez puri ho jayegi,
Toh Sapne kiske dekhne ge?
Agar har koi Acha milne Laga,
Toh logo ki pehchan Kaise
Kabhi socha hai
Gire nahi
Toh uth kar
Samhlenge Kaise? .”
We can’t always have the best of everything in our lives, but we surely start to find the peace within our lives which is lost because of our never ending love for things to be perfect,
And not joyful.