Britain may get double-decker trains to ease rush

LONDON, Dec 15:  Forget double-decker buses, as in a bid to ease overcrowding, Britain may introduce double-decker trains on some of its busiest rail routes.
Network Rail is considering the plan for peak services from Southampton and Basingstoke to London.
Other measures include building “flyovers” to allow trains to bypass busy stations, a new terminus in London and greater use of narrow train seats, which are unpopular with passengers.
The proposals have been laid out in a series of reports as Network Rail, which owns the tracks and 2,500 stations, sets out options for the next 30 years, The Sunday Times reported.
Passenger numbers on the country’s congested railways are projected to soar in that time, with the total number of journeys doubling from 1.6 billion to 3.2 billion a year.
The number of commuters arriving at Waterloo in London, the country’s busiest station, between 8AM and 9AM is expected to rise from 50,000 to 70,000 by 2043. This means an extra 37 trains.
Network Rail’s consultation for routes in Surrey and Hampshire, which are currently operated by South West Trains, includes a proposal for using double-deck trains during the busiest periods between Basingstoke, Woking and London, the report said.
A spokesman for Network Rail said: “It’s right that as part of our plans to increase capacity we fully examine the costs and benefits of double-decker trains, alongside traditional engineering enhancements such as flyovers at Woking and Basingstoke and new platforms at Southampton.” (AGENCIES)


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