Boost to economy

This has reference to the news item ‘FM announces raft of measures to boost economy’ DE Aug 24, 2019.
The Finance Ministry deserves all appreciation for taking certain measures to check the slide in economy. There were apprehensions in the business community that the Government is not taking sufficient measures to give the much needed boost to the economy.
The Finance Minister not only announced certain new measures but also rolled back the much criticised Super Rich Tax. This tax had annoyed the business community to a great extent.
The timely measures announced by the Government, it is expected, will give the much needed boost to economy. A strong economy of a country is the only parameter which influences the power weilding capacity of a nation in world politics.
China and America the two big economies of the world are dictating terms to the countries as per their interests.
If India is heard today by the world leaders, it is because of its growing market.
Arvind Sharma


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