BJP takes dig at Cong over Leader of Oppn issue

NEW DELHI, Nov 24:
BJP today took a dig at Congress over its paltry numbers in Lok Sabha, saying the opposition party has become so weak that the Government has to work to give recognition to its leader.
In an apparent reference to proposed amendment which will allow the Leader of Congress in Lok Sabha to take the place of the Leader of Opposition, a status denied to the party, in the selection panel for the CBI Director, BJP General Secretary Ram Mandhav said the ruling party has become so strong that there is no real opposition.
Congress was not given the Leader of Opposition post in Lok Sabha because the number of its MPs were less than 10 per cent of the 543-member House, Speaker had said. It has 44 MPs.
Addressing party workers in a Social Media Workshop regarding ongoing BJP Membership Drive, Madhav said in almost half of 30 states and six UTs, there is no opposition.
“Government has to make attempts to recognise the Leader of Opposition… When BJP was in opposition, it was the voice of the people but the opposition today is a failure,” he said as he asked partymen to scale new heights in enrolling new members though effective use of social media.
Recognising the role of social media in the unprecedented success BJP achieved in the recent Lok Sabha polls, he said the party might have won very few seats in states like Tamil Nadu, Odisha, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh but has seen a big wing of people in its favour.
The head of membership drive, Dinesh Sharma, said other parties hold welcome ceremony for their leaders and celebrations for long after capturing power but BJP has got down to expanding its organisation.
“If you ignore the organisation, your decline will begin. Work silently and let your success make noise as you did in Lok Sabha elections,” he said.
BJP currently has 3.6 crore members which it hopes to triple during its membership drive and expects that the number of its active workers will reach 9 lakh from present 6 lakh. (PTI)


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