BJP releases evidence of Nitish’s contradictory stand

Excelsior Correspondent
Jammu, June 16: Dr Jitendra Singh, BJP National Executive Member & party’s authorised National TV panelist, this evening released to media date-wise record of some of the statements issued by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar during the last ten to 12 years which ,according to Dr Jitendra Singh ,offered sufficient evidence to prove the contention that JD(U)’s decision to withdraw from alliance with BJP in Bihar was motivated by nothing else but blatant political opportunism and betrayed contradictory stand taken by Nitish Kumar from time to time.
Giving brief detail of this archive research, Dr Jitendra Singh recalled how in early 2002,when Ram Vilas Paswan quit NDA on the issue of Godhra, Nitish Kumar had denounced and dubbed Paswan as an opportunist and given a clean chit to Narendra Modi.
Later,in December 2002,Nitish Kumar had hailed the victory of Narendra Modi in Gujarat Assembly elections and rebutted the charge of polarisation against Modi, he recalled.
Dr Jitendra Singh said that in July 2004,when Laloo Prasad Yadav as Railways Minister, decided to institute inquiry into Godhra train incident, it was none else but Nitish Kumar, who had held charge of Railway Minister at the time of Godhra incident,described this as a political stunt. Later in January 2005 ,when a report on Godhra was submitted to Railway Board Chairman R.K.Singh,Nitish described it as politically motivated, he further added.
What is more, as lately as in December 2007 when Narendra Modi won Gujarat Assembly election second time, Nitish Kumar hailed it profusely and snubbed Laloo Yadav for his remarks against Modi, said Dr Jitendra Singh.
And as recently as five days back ,Nitish Kumar agreed with the suggestion from top BJP leaders including Rajnath Singh and Arun Jaitley that he would not take any expeditous decision till December 2013 and wait for BJP to announce its Prime Ministerial candidate, he added.


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