BJP least bothered about rising prices of fuel, essentials: Harshdev

NPP leader Harshdev Singh addressing public meeting in Ramnagar on Monday.
NPP leader Harshdev Singh addressing public meeting in Ramnagar on Monday.

Excelsior Correspondent
UDHAMPUR, Feb 22: Accusing Govt of failure to control inflationary tendencies and the steep rise in prices of petrol, diesel, LPG besides other essential commodities and vegetables in particular, JKNPP chairman Harshdev Singh said that the common man’s life had become miserable in view of essential services and goods getting beyond his reach.
He regretted that not only had the fuel prices skyrocketed but that there had been frequent surges in the prices of onions, tomatoes etc during the BJP rule which had rendered the popular vegetables and groceries beyond the means of a common man.
“The astounding rate of onions reaching upto Rs 100 per kg under Saffron rule at times and even Rs 150 per kg in certain states had often left common masses ‘teary-eyed’. With LPG, diesel, petrol already being costlier, the soaring prices of staple food has shattered the budget of a common household with housewives left dazed and confused”, Harshdev added.
He regretted that inflation had become a benchmark of BJP’s governance and fleecing people by burning holes in their pockets become synonymous with this party. He was addressing public meetings at Nala Ghoran, Kasuri, Bindla and Kotli Barmeen of Chenani-Ghordi constituency during his two days tour.
Singh further pointed out that prices of almost all the pulses/ cereals had risen by an appalling rate. “They are spine breaking and have set the common kitchen on fire. Likewise, the prices of edible oils and dairy products had crossed all time high adding further burden on the people”, he regretted.
Lambasting the BJP for its hypocrisy over the inflation, Singh reminded that while the BJP was in opposition, its front line leaders wasted no time to lodge series of protest demonstrations at every nook and corner of the country against the price rise of essential commodities. But now, when the Saffron party having been in power, the inflation rate had peaked all time high and broken all records with none of its leaders uttering a word over the soaring prices, he added.
Meanwhile, several people including the youth of various villages joined Panthers Party during meetings.