BJP concern over rejection of resolutions on PoK refugees, 73rd & 74th Amendments

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Sept 25: Expressing concern over rejection of his resolution on implementation of Constitutional 73rd and 74th Amendment by the Speaker of State Assembly, BJP National Executive Member and MLA Ashok Khajuria today refuted the assertion made in the Congress National Executive meeting by its national general secretary, Rahul Gandhi that he is most concerned about the Panchs and Sarpanchs of the State of Jammu & Kashmir.
Terming the assertion of Congress leader as untrue, Khajuria told reporters here today that had it been so the Coalition Government to which the Congress is a main constituent would have not rejected his resolution on empowerment of Panchayats in J&K. This shows that NC-Congress coalition is not sincere in empowerment of basic institutions of democracy, he added.
He said passage of these resolutions would have paved a way of empowering the basic institutes of democracy and infused a sense of security among Sarpanchs and Panchs.
Other MLAs Jugal Kishore Sharma, Ch. Sukhnandan Kumar and Shyam Choudhary were also present in the press conference. The MLAs said that they will raise the issues of public importance in the Assembly session as also the issues specific to their respective constituencies.
Jugal Kishore Sharma said that his proposal for passing resolution for one time settlement of the problem of the displaced persons from PoK and registration of all unregistered families of PoK internally displaced persons living in and outside the State has also been disallowed by the Speaker.
Shyam Choudhary expressed concern over lack of facilities in the rural areas. He said that the medical dispensaries and health centres are generally without qualified medical staff.
Sukhnandan Kumar said that the Government should provide wages to all the VDCs and compensation should be paid to the border people who cannot freely go to their lands falling in fenced areas of the border.


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