BJP can’t run away from owning responsibility for mess in J&K: PCC

JKPCC working president Raman Bhalla addressing gathering at Chatha in Gandhi Nagar area of Jammu.
JKPCC working president Raman Bhalla addressing gathering at Chatha in Gandhi Nagar area of Jammu.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, July 24: JKPCC working president Raman Bhalla today asked the Central Government when it would ensure a congenial atmosphere for elections to take place in Jammu and Kashmir and elect a Government of the people in the state.
He also accused the BJP of failing to read the pulse of J&K people and said it cannot shun and run away from owning the responsibility of creating this mess and back-stabbing the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
“The directionless, agenda-less and clueless policy of the BJP Government has left the people of Jammu and Kashmir in complete despair and this is a grave national concern. BJP Govt lacks economic roadmap for inclusion and progress for the people of J&K,” said former minister while addressing public gathering at Chatha Pind in Gandhi Nagar constituency.
Bhalla said soaring unemployment in J&K is a serious concern. The ongoing uncertainty has severely damaged the prospect of a stable economy. And the rising unemployment puts the final nail in the coffin of economic stability. The job markets have been pushed to the edge, both in the public and private sector, with no fresh opportunities visible. As J&K doesn’t have a vibrant private sector in place, the burden of employment ultimately falls on the public sector, which, unfortunately, it is unable to tackle as the absorption rate is low, he said.
The Government and its various departments do not seem, at all, serious about these rising figures. There are not enough or even requisite posts advertised in the Government departments, and even, if advertised, they are never worked out effectively, lack of proper schedules and criteria, relapsing of the advertisements as per their whims, corruption, backdoor entries, favouritism etc. are the main loopholes, Bhalla added.
Bhalla said that economy of J&K UT has been badly hit and unemployment being the major debacle as it concerns the youth of the society who are the pillars of a nation. However, on account of rising unemployment despite professional degrees, skill training, and education from top-notch universities in the country and abroad, the youth of Jammu and Kashmir are beset in a terrible crisis. Bhalla said BJP should take the responsibility for the present situation in the state.