Bill in LS to facilitate speedy eviction from Govt residences

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NEW DELHI: In a bid to crackdown on unauthorised occupants of government residential accommodations, a bill was introduced in Lok Sabha on Monday.

The Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorised Occupants) Amendment Bill, 2019 was introduced by Urban Development Hardeep Singh Puri.

The amendments will facilitate smooth and speedy eviction of unauthorised occupants from government residences which will then be available for allotment to eligible persons on maturity of their turn in the waiting list.

According to the government, the move will decrease the waiting time for availing the facility of residential accommodation.

The proposed amendments would enable the estate officer to apply summary proceedings for evicting unauthorised occupants from residential accommodations and to levy damage charges for accommodation held during the period of litigation.

The Centre has to evict unauthorised occupants from government accommodations under the provisions of the PPE Act, 1971. However, the eviction proceedings take unusually long time, thereby reducing the availability of government accommodations to new incumbents.

Under the proposed bill, the estate officer will not be required to follow elaborate proceedings like serving notice, show cause, inquiry, rather he or she can initiate summary eviction proceedings. (AGENCIES)


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