Bharat Needs Robust Electoral Reforms

Ashok Bhan Visits Shrine Of Maha Acharya Abhinav Gupta
Ashok Bhan Visits Shrine Of Maha Acharya Abhinav Gupta

After electoral bonds policy was struck down by Apex Court funding in elections remains an open ended issue?

(Doctrine of level playing field is the urgent requirement ).

Speaking at a meeting of lawyers from various states assembled in Delhi on the subject of Lawyers choice and role in safeguarding the democracy,Noted Senior Advocate and a prominent bar leader Ashok Bhan said,the fundamental jurisprudence to run the Country of the size of India with 1.4 billion people,is primarily the strength of constitutionalism being practiced on day to day basis in all segments of societal development.
The best suited model for Bharat is the people’s participatory Constitutional democracy.The five yearly elections to elect the representatives for the temple of democracy – the Parliament,from across all the regions of the country by adult franchise mechanism is a festivity that is going on currently.
Ashok Bhan said: The huge shortfall in the current election system as is:“there is no level playing field”-he explained on the one hand is the ruling party that has all the advantage namely,the wherewithal of the governmental entitled protocol and resources go along with the candidate if he or she is the Prime Minister or a minister to his/her campaigning,that certainly creates an edge over the ordinary candidate of either of any party or an independent candidate.He urged the ECI to examine the level playing field aspect and create a code for maintaining it,as far as possible in th current elections,to serve the best interests of the fairness and purity of the electioneering process.
Bhan urged the legal fraternity to seriously study this aspect and come up with various proposals for seeking further electoral reforms in the Country.He appealed that all the bar associations should study various other aspects of electoral reforms and make representations in this behalf.It is necessary also in view of the fact that hon’ble Supreme Court has struck down the electoral bonds.
The election commission of India is mandated by the constitution to conduct the elections in the country,has put in place a schedule of seven phases to conclude the election process and counting of votes to be done on 4th.June,2024.
The electioneering has commenced,various national political Parties and regional parties are in the fray and campaigning for their parties and candidates.
In the noise,din and dust of the electioneering on the one side is the Principal ruling party Bhartiya Janata Party plus its allies called NDA and on the other is Indian National Congress and allies called -I.N.D.I.A
Bhan said: In India, 65 per cent of its population is under 35 years of age, and there is a huge population of aspirational Indian voters who are voting in the ensuing hustings.Whether they vote on issues concerning their future and Country’s Progression or vote by likely driven by the highly polarised emotive politics is a BIG question.On the one hand NDA campaigners are seeking votes on the Corruption and Congress Mukh Bharat and on the other side I.N.D.I.A campaigners are asking voters that to save democracy and knock out the alleged authoritarian BJP and NDA.
What lies ahead is left primarily to the wisdom of the informed voters.Voters of Bharat are matured enough to make a choice of their future dispensation that establishes an inclusive dialogue with masses, promotes progressive narrative and creates a modern vision that resonates and connects the youth and the aspirational India AND:Strengthens and strictly upholds the Constitutionalism.