Bee Enn General Hospital conducts first Micro-Discectomy of Spine

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, May 2: Bee Enn General Hospital conducted first successful Micro-Discectomy of Spine through minimally invasive surgery. So far for this type of surgery, patients had to travel to Chandigarh or Delhi, which used to be very uncomfortable and painful journey.
Dr Bias Dev, Orthopedics Surgeon along with Dr Farooq, operated Ashok at Bee Enn General Hospital. Patient was made to move out of the bed and start walking by the same evening and within the period of three days, the patient was discharged and is expected to resume his work by another ten days.
Dr Bias Dev stated that in conventional surgery, large incision and more bone resection are responsible for late recovery and delayed mobilization of patients. This makes recovery painful and longer and the chances of complication and infections are also very high.
He said that the advantages of the Micro Discectomy surgery are, quick recovery owing to very small incision as well as no instability of the architecture of spine, with minimal blood loss and making it possible for patients to resume his routine very quickly.
With the availability of this service at peoples door step, the hospital management feels that not only the inconvenience will be lessened for spine injury patients who travel outside the State, but the patients will also have considerable monetary advantages as the cost of these surgeries is far less in Jammu as compared to that are available outside.


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