Be kind to animals Animals make our world beautiful; they need kindness

Narvijay Yadav
All living beings are created by the Universe. All living beings deserve kindness, no matter what they look like. Life is better with kindness and love.
How can you help animals?
Everyone can contribute in their own way to the cause of animal kindness, such as by stopping the use of plastic bags. In place of polythene, eco-friendly bags can be used. Waste food can be turned into compost manure.
Seema, co-founder of Joy for Animals, says that “have love and kindness in your heart, then you will automatically understand how to keep the animals around you happy. Keep water pots outside your house for homeless dogs and birds. Offer food to hungry animals. Boycott recreational or tourism activities that involve the exploitation of animals. If you see animal abuse anywhere, raise an alarm, make a video, upload it on social media and also report it to the police. Raise your voice against animal cruelty on social media. Post content that creates awareness towards kindness to animals.
You can bring toys for your pet dog or cat. Take them out for a walk. Talk to the animals, caress them with love, and pat them. If you don’t have a pat, you can treat the neighbour’s pat with love and kindness. If the animals are happy, then we and you will also be happy.
Eat vegetarian food
Increase information about animals through books, documentaries or Google. Carry a medical kit in your vehicle to help any injured wildlife on the way. Eat vegetarian food. Do not buy clothing, cosmetics or articles that involve any kind of animal cruelty or testing. Write an email or letter to the local MP or newspaper about animal welfare issues. Have herbal or flowering plants around to provide a proper environment for the butterflies or bees. Take part in an animal rights movement. Participate in beach, park or lake clean-up to help animals. Adopt a needy dog or pet, take care of it.
Involve the kids
Ecologist and thought leader, Dr. Neeraj Kumar says that in order to care about the forest, flora and fauna, there is a need to inculcate love for animals from childhood. Children can be involved in nature activities to sensitize them to birds, butterflies and animals. At present, animal protection policies are made only for large and charismatic animals, such as elephants, tigers, lions and zebras, etc., which is a biased approach. In this, the concern of small and simple creatures is neglected. For medicines or diseases, experiments can be done from the cell lines instead of living animals.
Opportunity to raise awareness
Animal-welfare activist Kaveri Rana Bhardwaj says that Be Kind to Animals Week is a reminder of the fact that animals make our lives beautiful and better in every way. We all should focus on creating awareness about animal welfare and animal rights. It can also be called ‘Animal Lovers’ Week’ in a way, as it encourages love, care and protection for animals. On this pretext, animal lovers and organizations must unite, which would accelerate the efforts for animal rights.
Kindness to animals is our responsibility
The person who does cruelty to animals is also dangerous to humans. One needs to be careful with such people. Tibetan spiritual leader, Dalai Lama says that “killing animals for sport, for pleasure, for adventure, and for skin or fur is a disgusting and disturbing act. There is no point in engaging in such acts of cruelty.” Similarly, Richard Gere, Hollywood actor, says, “As custodian of the Planet, it is our responsibility to treat all species with kindness, love and compassion. Cruelty to animals is beyond understanding. Please help to stop this madness.”
(The author is a senior journalist and environmental activist.
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