BDC elections

Elections for BDC in the State of Jammu and Kashmir depicts the resolve of present dispensation at the Centre towards promotion of democratic institutions at the grass root level. Exercise in the process of these elections has started and almost all the mainstream political parties have boycotted the 2nd tier in the same way as earlier when Panchayat and Municipal elections took place.
Despite their boycott an impressive number of candidates, 1382 have joined the fray which shows the wit and grit of the people to fight elections. Some vested interested politicians who wanted to postpone these elections under present situation under one pretext or other could not succeed in their schemes. Devolution of power to the lower rung has remained the policy matter of the present Govt to enrich democratic institutions at the ground level will empower the common man to address his basic needs. Empowering people in the way of Panchayat Raj will usher the development at the village level and in this way Sub Ka-Sath-Sub-Ka Vikas and Sub-Ka-Vishwas can be materialised in the true sense.
Till now people at the grass root level were deprived of their fundamental right in choosing their members for Panchayat and local bodies and it is certainly a decision praise worthy taken by the Govt. People have realised the value of democracy and are now fearlessly participating in the democratic process. Boycotting of elections will not help such political parties who stay away but alienate them which is not proper in the democratic exercise. The State of Jammu and Kashmir is heading towards new leadership which will lead it towards progress and prosperity the years to come.
S N Raina


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