Bangladesh blocks YouTube over anti-Islam film

DHAKA, Sept 18: Bangladesh has enforced a ban on video sharing website YouTube to block an anti-Islam film that angered Muslims across the globe, a senior official said today.
“We have decided block the film in consultation with the government,” a Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) official told.
The official, however, added that work was still underway to enforce the block so the film could not be seen anywhere in the country without affecting other Internet services.
The regulatory body official, preferring anonymity, said the move came as Google US and the Google APAC that controls YouTube facility across Asia pacific region were yet to respond to a Bangladesh request to block the film themselves.
The development came a day after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said steps were underway stop viewing of the film anywhere in the country.
Hasina strongly condemned the film and urged the US government to take exemplary punitive actions the filmmaker.
“No Muslim can tolerate such defamation of Prophet,” she said.
Islamic groups and organisations staged street protests in Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, demanding punishment for the filmmaker, chanting anti-US slogans prompting authorities to enforce an intensified security vigil around the US embassy and other American establishments in Dhaka. (PTI)


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