Ban Smoking

Smoking is an addiction, a bad habit. It is a waste of energy and money. It is harmful and injurious to health. One loses one’s facial colour. It is enemy of our lungs. It can cause TB or heart failure. It can give rise to high blood pressure. Whooping cough can be a major cause of smoking.
Smoking is not a sign of good health. After all it is no tonic or food. It causes cancer according to World Health Report. To chew tobacco and smoke bidi or cigarette is equally harmful. We do not care to read the warning given on every package of cigarette. It warns us not to smoke at all. Still a poor country like India is tolerating this non-sense.
We should stop it, we must curb it. Let us take or eat some wholesome food instead. We must shun this bad habit. Government should ban cigarettes, bidis and tobaccos.
Sanjay Dhar
Laxmi Nagar, Sarwal


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