Ban on child labour

Children are the future of the nation. The problem of child labour is quite rampant in all parts of India. Inspite of the enforcement of many anti-child labour laws, the problem still exists. Not only millions of children below the age of 14 are working in factories, shops, dhabas, glass-blowing industry, workshops, brick kilns and cottage industries etc. they are forced to work in the most unhygienic work condition. According to census data, there are over 82 lakh child labourers (aged between 5-14 years) in India.
The Indian Government must take some proactive measures to stop this problem of child labour and must ensure education for them. The Government must work harder and involve the people and Non Profit Organisation to curb the problem in the country. There is only one measure that can check this social evil and that measure is strictness. Unless the Government deals with the offenders with the iron hand, this problem is going to spoil the lives of million of children.
So, Government should ban child labour. We hope in the future that the children are not employed in our country and instead sent to school for education, so that they can be sensible citizens.
Sanjay Dhar,
Laxmi Nagar, Sarwal,