Ban liquor, drugs in J&K

This is the right time that the State Government bans alcohol and use of drugs in Jammu. The drug addiction among Jammu youth is on the rise, and is a matter of concern. Though, the Government is quite aware of the situation, no sincere steps have been taken to stop this menace. It  not only wastes human resources, but also affects the social fabric of the society. It will have serious repurcussions in  case it is not checked right now.
Besides, consumption of alcohol is also on the rise. If alcohol  is banned, Jammu region will be the biggest beneficiary. Though it may affect liquor business and consequently revenue generation for the State, it will however, certainly lead to prosperity of people, particularly the poor section.
Hope the Government will look into this issue in the interest of the society.
Yours etc…
Sudershan Singh Bali
Pogal Paristan


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