Bail denied in weapon snatching case

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, July 8: 3rd Additional Sessions Judge Jammu Subash Gupta has rejected the bail applications of Sujeet Singh and Sujeet Singh, who had snatched the weapon from the police cop.
“The applicants are involved in facilitating the local terrorist of the area namely Osma Bin Javed and his associates in snatching of weapons from constable -Daleep Singh, obviously for carrying out the terrorists activities by them”, the court observed, adding “it is not disputed that both the applicants are the police personnel. Their association with the terrorists is like the proverb- the fence is eating the vitality of the crop of a field”.
“Certainly, their complicity in the present crime would lead to dire consequences. Obviously, snatched weapons would be used for carrying out their militant activities. Innocent & law abiding public of the locality and the police personnel deployed for security purposes in the area will be their soft targets”, the court further observed.


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