Azad for separate Govt policy for dealing with militants, civilians

DAP chairman Ghulam Nabi Azad addressing a rally at Anantnag on Monday.
DAP chairman Ghulam Nabi Azad addressing a rally at Anantnag on Monday.

Fayaz Bukhari

Srinagar, Dec 26: Former Chief Minister and Chairman of Democratic Azad Party Ghulam Nabi Azad today said that there should be a separate policy for dealing with the militants and civilians.
Speaking to reporters in Anantnag during his party rally, Azad said that the Government should fight militancy instead of producing more militants.
“We have to fight militancy and we don’t have to produce more militants. We should not target people to such an extent that instead of bringing them back, they will go against us. This should be the policy of the Government, whether local or Central Government. There should be separate policy for dealing with militants and the common people,” he said.
The former Chief Minister said that the government should not suspect every individual. “Everybody should not be suspected to be a militant. Militant is a militant, there is a report about him, he has come trained from Pakistan or trained here only. There should be policy about them whether it is the BJP government or any other Government,” he added.
Azad said that the arrest spree should be stopped.  ”We should not suspect every individual of Jammu and Kashmir. Militant is a separate category and to deal with him there should be a separate policy for every Government. Those people who have no truck with militancy should not be picked up and they should not be made suspects.  We should differentiate between militant and civilian,” he said. Click here to watch video
The former Chief Minister stressed for surrender policy rather than killing militants. “We have to save these children. Some of our children became target of bullets, we lost them. When I was the Chief Minister, maximum surrenders took place during that period. I don’t say militants should not be killed but those who have met them unknowingly or said something wrong, should not be killed. They should be advised. In our country lot of people raise wrong slogans, do we kill them. You are picking up people, arresting lot of people. Only those should be arrested who have come from across with arms training or those who have conspired against the country and you have seen him doing it. It is not right if someone has said something 30-40 years ago and you are arresting him,” he said.
Azad said that the Kashmiri Pandit employees should be temporarily transferred to Jammu and when situation normalises in Kashmir they will return.
“For last one and a half year the employees who were working here left and when they are not ready to be here, how come other Kashmiri Pandits come and live here. When the situation improves, then they will come back. Due to targeted killing, there is fear among our Pandit boys and girls and education is suffering here. They should be transferred to Jammu temporality so that their lives are safeguarded, is it necessary to get them killed,” he said.