Attention not paid to land port development after Independence, but good progress in last 10 years: Amit Shah

‘Challenges And Opportunities’ At Our Land Borders With Seven Countries: Amit Shah

New Delhi, March 17: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday said that while the land port development had been ignored in the country since Independence much progress has been seen in the past 10 years, boosting the strength of the economy.
Shah, speaking on the occasion of the 10th Foundation Day of the ‘Land Ports Authority of India’, said that while India should have focussed on improving road transport and land port after Independence but the due priority was given in the last 10 years following which unprecedented positive changes have been seen.
“In the last 10 years, the Land Ports Authority of India has overseen unprecedented developmental work,” said Shah.
He also stated that “India faces different challenges and opportunities at land borders with seven neighbouring countries”.
Shah underlined that India’s trade corridors are very essential. “We face different challenges and opportunities at our land borders with seven countries (China, Pakistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Nepal & Bangladesh). We have strong relations with Bangladesh and it is reflected in the trade corridor with the neighbouring country. Our trade relations with Bangladesh are evolving,” said Shah.
He added, “Almost 600 years ago, India and China had trade relations across the world.”
The Home Minister said, “The developmental work initiated by the Authority in the last 10 years is being appreciated by everyone.”
Shah also stated that “the feature of the Authority is not only to check bill of lading for business activity but promote the economic activity without comprising the security of the country”. (AGENCIES)