Assam will go in Kashmir’s way if the citizenship bill is not passed: Assam BJP Minister

GUWAHATI: Senior Cabinet Minister in the BJP led government in Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma said that Assam will move in Kashmir’s direction if the citizenship bill is not passed.
Passing of citizenship bill will mean 7 to 8 lakh Bengali Hindus will get citizenship who are already present in the state.
These 8 lakh people influence results in nearly 16 to 17 assembly seats in Assam in favour of indigenous people of Assam. If they are sent back then all these seats will go in the hands of Bengali Muslims,? Mr Sarma said in an interview to a local channel.

Mr Sharma said Assam is going both in Tripura and Kashmir way it’s for the people to decide.
There is only 27 per cent Assamese population in Assam. You like it or not, Assamese people need the support of Bengali Hindus, Hindi speaking people, Nepali population staying in the state to stay relevant politically in the coming times, Mr Sarma said, adding that fast changing demography of the state due to rise in Muslim population is posing a bigger threat to the survival of indigenous people of Assam.
He said that bill is also needed as there was secessionist movement in Assam by certain group that threatens to lead the state to `become part of Pakistan’.
Muslim league always wanted Assam to be part of East Pakistan; it’s only due to the effort of Gopinath Bordoloi that Assam remained with Indian union, he added.
At present Muslim league is not there. But there are forces which are trying to achieve the goal by making Assam a Muslim majority state,? Mr Sarma said.
He said that party led by perfume baron Badruddin Ajmal is ?enemy of Assam and accused him of inciting communal passion by opening a beef shop near a temple by his supporters.


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