Army focuses on language training

NEW DELHI, July 10: In the backdrop of a lingering border row in Eastern Ladakh, the Army has upscaled its efforts to impart Chinese language training to its personnel as part of the overall strategy to ramp up surveillance along the over-3,400-km Line of Actual Control (LAC).
A slew of measures has been undertaken to improve its in-house Mandarin expertise and the aim is to empower junior and senior military commanders to engage with Chinese military personnel as and when the situation demands, sources in the security establishment said today.
They said various Mandarin language courses are being run at the language schools at the Northern, Eastern and Central commands of the Army.
The Indian Army is also using artificial intelligence-based solutions for the translation of various scripts or literature from the Mandarin language.
“With improved Mandarin skills, the Indian Army personnel will be better empowered to convey their points in a much more cogent manner,” said one of the sources.
According to inputs, the Army now has a significant pool of Mandarin-qualified personnel drawn from all ranks, including officers and Junior ComMissioned Officers (JCOs).
The Army has recently obtained the requisite approvals to induct Mandarin-trained personnel in the Territorial Army.
“With a recalibration of its strategic outlook towards the northern borders, the Indian Army has upscaled its Chinese language training and synergistically enmeshed appropriate scaling of Chinese linguists within its overall strategy,” said another source.
The sources said Chinese language experts are a functional requirement at the tactical level and are required for providing analysis at the operational and strategic level while catering for futuristic needs. (PTI)