Ariana Grande branded ‘lazy’ by Jonathan Ross

LONDON, Nov 7:  Singer Ariana Grande has been branded “lazy” by Jonathan Ross after failing to turn up for a scheduled appearance on “The Jonathan Ross Show”.
The 22-year-old singer was due to appear on a recording of the show in London but never arrived for it, reported Daily Mirror.
He told the audience at the taping: “Ariana is in town. We were told she would be in the car at 6pm to be here for 7pm then it got to 7pm and she was not in the car – 7.30pm and she is still not in the car. So I don’t think we can hold out much hope.
“She was booked but the lazy little… Has not come. Maybe she has gone to her first Nando’s.”
Other guests appearing on the show included Joan Collins, Danny DeVito and Sheridan Smith but it was delayed while they waited for the “Problem” hitmaker to arrive. (PTI)


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