Approach roads to bridges and Govt buildings

Any project howsoever showcased to be of immense value and utility cannot be deemed to be complete from all angles if associated and ancillary aspects thereof are not taken into consideration or no heed paid to them . In other words, a particular project cannot be put to the desired use if it could not be approached , reached or approach thereto was difficult. Several bridges built and likewise many Government buildings raised in Jammu and Kashmir are found to be having no approach roads hence use and utility there-from not being to the desired levels. Why are such projects left like that can be traced either to their flawed Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) or subsequent follow-up , inspections and assessment of levels of completion having been below the expected levels. Not that such lapses in the concerned projects were not found out by the UT administration but even nearly eight months back clear cut instructions having been already given to take remedial measures appear to have been totally ignored and not acted upon.
What was found out months before continues to be there without having been done anything in the matter resulting in the difficulties faced by the people for whom such bridges and buildings are meant to be used . Perhaps, had the innovative “Back to Villages” programmes not having been launched by the Government , some Administrative Secretaries most probably would have not got a chance to notice several bridges completed but in the absence of approach roads , those could be only “seen” and not used. Likewise, several Government buildings housing offices and other institutions including those of Health and Education Departments had the same problem, to reach where, people had to undergo mini adventurous experiences. That is because one has to tread and pass through bumpy , kachha , zigzag roads all full of ditches and water logged spots. One can imagine the plight of patients, their attendants, Doctors and other staff etc reaching Health institutions and Centres housed in such buildings . It has been observed that ambulances and other vehicles carrying patients were facing difficulties to reach Health Centres as they had to pass through rough and bumpy roads .
While approving such projects of public use , why such main prerequisites are not given proper attention and later passing only ‘strict’ instructions to rectify the shortcomings only proved half hearted approach with no sense of responsibility about the hardships or difficulties that were sure to be undergone by the general public while ”reaping” benefits of such ‘half hearted’ projects. There are reports that there is a long list of departments whose vital buildings lack proper road connectivity . In the same way, many bridges built both in Kashmir and in Jammu divisions with the same basic lacuna continue to be there which is tantamount to virtually wasting such assets created. Apart from those agencies which directly and indirectly were associated with building such projects, Roads and Buildings Department has admitted, while issuing a circular late last year about numerous buildings related to Health and Medical Education Department , Higher Education Department and other departments utilising Capex , Centrally Sponsored Schemes and Languishing Projects resources without approach roads having been built.
We feel there was no sense in doing subsequently anything afresh, even as part of the project, when as per the DPR it is deemed to be completed. We have seen more of such mess with the projects built under Centrally Sponsored Schemes . While prudence demands correcting the wrongs immediately by constructing approach roads to the identified bridges and Government buildings , at the same time, while passing and approving such projects , proper provisioning for approach roads be invariably made in the DPRs and projects declared complete only after such approach roads were built. In the meantime , could accountability be fixed for such lapses though looking small but being as vital as of approach or connectivity?