Appointment of Ombudsman for ULBs and PRIs

The relevant two Acts having been passed by the then State legislature in 2010 and 2014 respectively in respect of appointment of Ombudsman and amended by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs last year through J&K Reorganisation Rules to relax the eligibility criteria for such appointment for the ULBs and PRIs in Jammu and Kashmir, till date , however, nothing of the sort has taken place which appears to be both strange as well as intriguing. It remains to be known , however, which type of constraints are encountered by the UT Government in not appointing the much awaited for, the authority of keeping a watch and ward over the affairs of these institutions of grass roots of our democratic set up. Since adequate financial grants and aids are, without any delays, being afforded to and kept at the disposal of these institutions, possibilities of occurring of financial irregularities and frauds cannot be ruled out. Strict accountability and transparency in the functioning of these institutions can only be ensured and enforced by duly appointed Ombudsman. Even after according enough relaxation and elasticity in terms of eligibility of appointment of the said authority, such an inordinate delay is beyond comprehension. The Committee designated to recommend names to the Lt. Governor for posts of Ombudsman should do it at the earliest now, so that no more delay took place in the process so sensitive by nature and aims.