Apple’s $29 AirTag is a coin-sized tracker that helps you find lost things here’s how it works

LONDON, Apr 24: Apple announced its new AirTag item trackers this week and sent me several to try out, so I’ll show you what they’re like.

The $29 AirTag ($99 for a pack of four) is a tiny metal tracker that you can attach to a keychain, drop in a bag or snap onto your luggage to keep track of those items. It’s a lot like competing products from Tile, which has drawn that company’s ire, but ties right into Apple’s Find My app. It’s the same app you can already use other Apple products like your iPhone, family members and friends, or, as of recently, devices made by a few third-party companies, too.

AirTag works by using a Bluetooth signal to tap into a network of about a billion Apple devices in the world, like iPhones and Macs, that also broadcast a Bluetooth signal. If you lose something with an AirTag attached to it, you’ll get a notification with the location when someone with an iPhone or Mac comes within Bluetooth range of it. It’ll also show anyone who finds the item a custom message and phone number, which you enter when you report it lost.

It’s a smart product for Apple to launch. It’ll help make customers more likely to keep buying iPhones if they’ve already got these things stuck to a bunch of items that they don’t want to lose. (agencies)