Appeal to Authority

In view of surge in new variant of Covid 19 cases in various countries, it is desired that immediate instructions be issued to concerned authorities for vaccination of senior citizens for their Booster Dose of vaccine (3rd dose) on priority basis at vaccinator centres or at their place of residences.
No doubt the present variant of Covid 19 is more virulent due to its short incubation period (3-5 days) and rapid rate of infectivity but Indian citizens should not worry as they have high immunity status due to herd immunity because of presents infection they had. Any person who will suffer from this variant will have safe and uneventful recovery however one has to follow Covid 19 approriate behaviour and wearing of masks, washing of hands frequently, washing hands with soap water/disenfectant etc. It is submitted that people coming from other states must be tested at sites ofentry of the state viz Lakhanpur, Railway stations, Airports etc. People having fever cough, nasal discharge, muscle pains etc must be advised quarantine/isolation treatment and follow up of all such cases.
Wearing of masks by everyone must be made mandatory. It is further submitted that State Hospitals, district hospital, Health centres be equipped with emergency drugs, plenty of O2 cylinders, surgical goods, disinfectant material, ventilators etc. At the same time we should have sufficient staff (Doctors, paramedics and nurshing staff) at these centres.
In case of shortage of staff, retired doctors and nursing staff of Health and Medical Education may be engaged. It is high time for the Government to start post graduation in Critical Medicines (M.D) in State Medical Colleges so that Govt may be able to tackle any disaster, accident, panademic etc firmly in future.
Dr G B Kohli
Ex Prof. & HoD
Anaesthesiology & ICU GMC Jammu