Appeal to political parties

It is requested to all political parties participating in local bodies elections not to block traffic movement by taking out election rallies through the main city.
It is quite pleasing to see people participating in election rallies and dancing on the tune of Dolkies. But at the same it is annoying that these participants movement at a snail’s pace causes traffic jams which prolong for a pretty long time Jammu roads are already crowded Traffic jams occur here and there, which in turn waste a lot of time of people, and consumes huge quantity of petrol of vehicles stuck in jams. The political parties are urged to keep the inconvenience of general public in view while taking out rallies throughout the city. They should have with them a group of volunteers who will take responsibility of maintaining order on roads. It will indeed be a great service to the people of this State who are facing numerous problems of one kind or the other.
Jaswant Singh


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