Apni Party to form next Govt in J&K: Manjit Singh

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Nov 1 : Apni Party (AP) provincial president Jammu and Ex-Minister, Manjit Singh has said that Apni Party will form the next Government in Jammu and Kashmir.
Addressing a party workers meeting in Vijaypur, the former Minister said that the Apni Party has gained support from the people who were fed up with the traditional political parties and their policies of divide and rule.
“The Jammu and Kashmir has remained the victim of divisive politics and the people have suffered badly with no development. Now the situation has reached to a level that the non-locals are being provided employment in the private sector especially in industrial sectors and the local youth are ignored and it has given rise to the unprecedented unemployment,” he said.
He referred to the BJP, Congress Party, NC and PDP for misleading the people for their political gains and generating a vote bank out of the politics of hate.
“Apni Party does not allow any kind of hate politics. We believe that everyone should get equal rights and their rights should not be compromised for the sake of politics,” he said.
He further referred to the issues of the people living close to the Jammu Pathankot Highway in Vijaypur and adjoining areas of the Highway.
“The people are being uprooted from their native places along the highway to widen the highway but they are being given compensation in a very small amount. With this amount, the uprooted businessmen cannot re-start their business after losing commercial land and residential structures. The issue is grave and the NHAI should release compensation at par with the present market value in favour of the land owners including the commercial places,” he said.
He said that the people who failed to get jobs had opened their shops and now the NHAI has taken over the business and made those unemployed again. Therefore, he said that the NHAI should give compensation at par with present market value so that the people can earn their livelihood and resettle and construct their homes again. He said that the NHAI should stop acting like the East India Company.