Anti-national narratives ‘deliberately floated for petty political gains’: Vice Prez Dhankhar

DHARWAD (Karnataka), Mar 1 : Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Friday said that anti-national narratives are being “deliberately floated for petty political gains” and that our commitment to the nation cannot be compromised as its interests come first.

Addressing the students and faculty members of IIT Dharwad after inaugurating the main gate complex, Knowledge Resource and Data Centre and Central Learning Theatre buildings at the campus, he said, “They (newly inaugurated facilities) carry huge potential, providing opportunities for you to be innovative, use your talent, and unleash it.” “It was a delight to lay the foundation stone of the rooftop solar panel facility, which would further strengthen the green energy ecosystem,” he added. The Vice President then invited the faculty and students of IIT Dharwad to visit the new building of the Indian Parliament. “I am in pain and disturbed when for petty political gains, anti-national narratives are set afloat deliberately by forces within the country and outside… We have to believe in our nation, we have to believe in our nationalism, our commitment to our nation cannot be compromised whatsoever. We will always keep the interest of the nation first,” he said.  Stressing about the need to be vigilant about the infidelity and treachery of some of our own people, he said, “We cannot afford to countenance that infidelity from any quarter whatsoever. That has to be neutralised, that is our ‘rashtradharm’, that is our constitutional obligation.  We must be 24×7 vigilant about the infidelity and treachery of some of our own people as spoken by Dr Ambedkar.” Noting that India’s solar capacity has surged 25 times and it has reached 72,000 MW,  he said, “India is the international headquarters of the International Solar Alliance. The International Solar Alliance came into being at the initiative of our Prime Minister. Yesterday, a significant decision has been taken by the Union government that by 2025 all government buildings will have solar panels on rooftops. It is a big change.” “…Today equality means we don’t have a privileged section of society. All are equal, all are amenable to the law, and everyone is accountable to the law,” he claimed. “Anyone engaging in the transgression of the law will suffer severely and is being made to suffer in these times.”


Stating that corruption has been a bane for too long, he said, “Corruption was the only passage to secure a government contract, a government job or avail an opportunity. Liaison agents infested power corridors but a big change has come now. Power corridors have been sanitised of all such people who leveraged decision making extralegally. “These elements have been neutralised and eliminated, which means not favouritism, not patriotism and not nepotism but only merit alone will dictate the outcome of your efforts.” The Vice President said India is one of the few countries focused on disruptive technology such as, quantum computing. “The Government of India already has a Quantum computing Commission and Rs 6,000 crores has been earmarked,” he said.

Stating that country’s growth is on the rise, he said, “We are on a rise in our ‘amrit kaal’. The 75th year of independence as a republic is a ‘gaurav kaal’.” He also recalled the 75th Republic Day parade on January 26, 2024 and highlighted the “full explosion of our women power in Army, Defence, Air Force, and paramilitary forces”. He said, “They dominated and the world was stunned. Our women power has emerged…” He further said, “The country is in an epic mood. We are progressing in everything. Vikrant, the great warship with air freight is also made by our country. We have frigates made in our country, and we have Tejas made in our country. We have helicopters made in our country. We are a country that is not only making defence equipment but also exporting it — a situation that is a big change.”

He continued, “Look at ISRO, it has opportunities for all of you… Now ISRO is putting into space satellites from the US, UK, Singapore and other countries. Look at where we are in this country. The world is looking at us. We put their satellites in space because technologically we are sound and we give good value for money,” he added. (PTI )