Allow peace to prevail

Now, Article 370 is no more. Art 35 A is gone. Stat Subject is finished. Domicile is irrelevant for outsiders. Any citizen of India can buy land in Jammu and Kashmir. However, the truth is that the politicians, and that too, Kashmiri, have never given peace a chance. Instead, they lose no time in infuriating the things. Whenever there is or was any effort of unifying Kashmir with the rest of India politicians, in one way or the other, pricked some emotional chords and ruined the peaceful atmosphere. In the name of Azadi, Self Rule or Autonomy these politicians wanted always to keep the pot boiling and blackmailing the emotions of the common people. This was the time when these politicians could have changed their behaviour and worked shoulder to shoulder with the central government for perennial peace in the valley to prevail. But no. Their nature is not like that. Recently PDP Chief, Mehbooba Mufti, again parroted to initiate dialogue with Pakistan. I do not understand what was its need in the present scenario. But their habit is not to allow the valley to run on the normal track.
Amit Parihar