AIBCU questions PM on OBC constitutional rights in J&K

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Aug 21:  All India Backward Classes Union (AIBCU) Social today questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi as to why OBC’s constitutional rights in Jammu and Kashmir have not been implemented till date even after the abrogation of Article 370.
“OBC communities have been demanding their constitutional rights but the Government instead of accepting their genuine demands is forcing OBC communities to adopt the specific trades which is totally a violation of Article 19 of the Indian Constitution which allows the individuals to live anywhere in the country and to adopt any business at their own will,” the Union in a statement.
The statement mentioned that the Government is doing conspiracy with the OBC communities for whom the BJP Government firstly in the Summer Parliament Session made a big cut in OBC scholarships and now BJP Government asked the OBC communities to go for loans, a big conspiracy to again push the country for Varanvyavasta. Besides, the scheme has lowered the status of Prabhu Vishwakarma, the creator of this universe.
“Why the socially and educationally backward classes commission is being driven by the non-OBC chairman and members, which has been imposed in J&K to malign all the definitions of OBC, SC and ST,” the Union said, adding, this commission must be scraped and be brought under the National Commission for Backward Classes for fair justice with chairman and members from backward classes.
AIBCU appealed the OBC communities to remain vigilant from community agents who are propagating the false agendas of the Government, and should be mentally prepared to use the franchise for them, their children and for the generations to come.