Address climate change impacts

The recent extreme weather events, such as the unprecedented thunderstorms and heavy rains in the United Arab Emirates, serve as stark reminders of the urgent need to address climate change.
The increase in global temperatures, coupled with rising sea levels, is exacerbating the frequency and intensity of such disasters. In India, we are witnessing the devastating effects of climate change firsthand, from erratic monsoons to extreme temperatures and natural disasters like floods and cyclones. These events not only threaten lives and livelihoods but also jeopardize food security and exacerbate existing vulnerabilities. It is imperative that we prioritize disaster preparedness and risk reduction measures, invest in climate-resilient infrastructure, and transition to sustainable practices to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Additionally, international cooperation and concerted efforts are crucial to address this global challenge effectively. We must heed the warning signs and take decisive action now to safeguard our planet and future generations from the ravages of climate change.
Amit Rasgotra