Acute power crisis in Birpur Industrial Complex

Excelsior Correspondent
SAMBA, July 9: Birpur Industrial Association, Bari Brahmana has alleged acute power crisis in the area for the last several weeks.
While highlighting the grave power crisis in Birpur Industrial Complex, the Association alleged that frequent power interruptions/cuts and trippings to the extent of 15-20 times in a day besides low voltages has caused massive loss to the industrialists. It futher said that all the members of the Association were law abiding consumers having 100% metered units and they pay huge tariffs every month.  These small scale unit holders are not able to run their units. Due to irregular supply and frequent  trippings,  machines get damaged putting the unit holders to huge financial losses worth lakhs in respect of production losses. The Plastic units, particularly are the worst sufferers by way sudden power breakdown during manufacturing process.
The expenses on running of DG sets are very high and not affordable for small scale units. The pitiable condition of Birpur Complex has been explained and discussed by the Association number of times to the earlier political dispensation also but of no avail. Even the UT Administration was apprised of the matter and made number of requests for dedicated transformer for the Industrial complex. Although one transformer of 10MVA was installed in Birpur Complex some years back for power supply to the Industrial units only but the load of this dedicated transformer has been distributed to other surrounding areas with the result the overall overloading effects the system and Industries in the complex suffer badly.
The Association is approaching frequently to the concerned  officers   for help and they are expressing helplessness because of system failures and verbal assurances are being given that something will be done shortly but nothing on the ground has happened so far.
The Birpur Industrial Association has urged the Lieutenant Governor and Principal Secretary PDD  for their intervention in the matter  for  desired correction in the system  and fault free power supply from the dedicated transformer which was already installed for the industry of this complex to  save these units from forced closure and rendering so many people jobless and turning assets into NPA.